End of Life

As a pet owner, pet euthanasia in the face of a terminal illness or injury is a tough choice that you need to make. At Nith Valley Animal Hospital, we provide end-of-life services to humanely and compassionately help all parties manage this pain and loss.

As your pets get older, it is important to monitor signs that they may be in pain. These are generally obvious, such as pickiness about food, isolation, or lethargy . If your pet is old, you can do your best to minimize any pain or discomfort they may be going through. Be sure to keep your pets in comfortable, happy environments. We can help you determine red flags, which would mean that your pet may need more professional care and should be shifted to professional care.

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Pet Hospice Care

You may consider pet hospice care if your pet is suffering from a terminal illness that has no cure. This is where the final days of your pet are filled with the use of pain medications, dietary strategies, and human interaction. These interventions can make their last days more dignified and reduce or eliminate their suffering before they die. Our experts can teach you how to go about this process since hospice care requires active commitment and supervision.


You might also consider euthanasia, which is a difficult choice to make but can relieve your pet of their pain and suffering. Our vet will tell you when is the right time to euthanize if you were to make this decision. Many pet owners put it off because of their inevitable grief, but if your pet is suffering more than they are enjoying life, it may be time to let them pass on comfortably.

Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Grief is natural in the wake of loss. Your friends and family can help you get through the pain, and the passage of time will heal. If severe sadness persists over a more extended period, you can consult with a professional who can help you cope with the loss and move on. Also, there are many online support groups for pet owners to deal with pet loss.

It is important to remember all the good times you had with your furry friend. A ceramic paw print or painted portrait is a great way to keep a simple memorial of your pets. For all the available options, please visit our partner at 4evermore.

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