Pet Nutrition

Just like humans, your cat or dog also needs to have a healthy diet to ensure efficient bodily functioning. Even if your pet looks and acts healthy, they may be having internal deficiencies that can prevent their systems from functioning as well as they could otherwise be.

At Nith Valley, we treat nutrition as a tool for a healthier and happier lifestyle for your pet. Whether your pet is healthy or is suffering from an ailment, medicine in food form is one of the best long-term treatments we can provide for a healthier lifestyle. We also have specific formulas for certain conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and hyperthyroidism.

Hills Pet Nutrition

Our Pet Nutrition & Diet Services

Pet nutrition and diet is one of the most fundamental ways of keeping your pet healthy and happy. At our nutrition center, we offer various pet diet services, including nutritional counselling. Some of our services include:

  • Pet nutrition foods for malnourished pets
  • Cat and dog diet advice
  • Specialty animal nutrition foods
  • Adult pet nutrition that including dental protection
  • Kitten and puppy nutrition foods and diet advice
  • Unique diet formulas targeting a variety of issues

Cost can play an important role in deciding what food to get for your pet. Being mindful of what your cat or dog eats and how much, will set your pet on the route to a lifetime of proper nutrition and prevention of many medical problems. Nutritional requirements also vary depending on the animal’s age, breed, health, and lifestyle. There’s no universal formula that can work for every pet.

We strongly recommend meeting with a pet nutrition expert, even if your furry friend seems perfectly healthy. Visit us at our pet clinic in New Hamburg, Ontario, and let us help you make informed decisions for your cat or dog. We can advise you on the kind of nutrition your pet needs and even draw up a nutrition plan for you to follow – all the while keeping your pet’s well-being and your financial considerations in mind. We will also help you decode pet food labels so that you are more informed about the choices you make for your animal.

Visit Us for Nutrition Consultation

Just like animal dental care, pet nutrition should be assessed every year when your pet is young, and every six months when they are more than nine years old. If not regularly tracked and maintained, your pet’s health could deteriorate and lead to a variety of health issues, of which the most common is obesity. Obesity can trigger breathing problems, joint pain, and even damage your furry friend’s ligaments. At Nith Valley, we offer an excellent obesity solution in the form of a weight loss formula that will improve your pet’s health and fitness to a great extent.

Visit us today for help with pet nutrition and diet at our vet clinic New Hamburg. Quality care and expert counsel is what we do best.

Hill’s Pet Foot Partner

We carry Hill’s Prescription Diet – formulas that have been clinically proven to elongate and enrich the lives of your pets and alleviate them from their sickness. These include Urinary Care, Mobility Treats, Sensitive Canine, and Low Fat Canine packages.

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