X-Rays & Diagnostics

X-rays are a diagnostic tool that we use during many of our pet check-ups & exams. It helps us determine the causes of different kinds of pet health problems. X-ray findings help us accurately assess the condition of your pet’s bones and joints. They can even detect dangerous health problems like tumours and cancers. In other cases, X-rays are used to diagnose problems before they get serious. The three most common X-ray types include abdominal, chest, and orthopedic X-rays.

X-rays are very helpful in catching a variety of problems, for example, finding out if your pet has swallowed something dangerous that needs to be removed. It also helps us determine if your pet’s limb problem is resulting from a fracture or a severe problem like bone cancer. Diagnosing these problems early on will help you seek timely and proper treatment for your furry companion. 

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X-Ray Procedures

While X-rays may, at times, seem uncomfortable, they are not painful. The X-ray can be taken by calming your pet down and keeping them awake. Your pet may be turned on their side or back to get the process done. Since X-rays will need your pet to be completely still to get a proper image, if your pet is in pain or is uncooperative about the process, you may be asked for permission to give them a sedative that will make them relaxed and sleepy. In other cases, they may be given general anesthesia so that they don’t experience any discomfort. These sedatives can be reversed or allowed to wear off over the next few hours with no side effects.

You would not be allowed in the X-ray room with your pet due to the risk of radiation exposure. However, you can rest assured that the radiation is not harmful to your pet. In rare cases, your vet will assess your pet’s health before deciding if it is safe for them to have an X-ray. In some cases, such as pregnancies, radiation may not be safe for your pet.

If you have any questions about the radiology process or any of the technicalities of X-rays concerning your pet, feel free to ask us.

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